Has your computer become sluggish over time and wasn’t quite what it used to be?

There are many reasons for performance to degrade over time whether it is due to a virus, a failing piece of hardware or more demanding software we can give your system a new lease of life.

We can give your system a deep clean to get rid of any nuisance software or viruses grinding your PC down and perform various enhancements which improve the performance of your computer.

If a component inside your machine has given up the ghost, this can often take a hit on the performance and ultimately make it behave in an unprecedented manner. The cost effectiveness of fixing a machine by replacing faulty components is almost always more than simply purchasing a new one and you may be surprised at the speed it really should go. We can diagnose faults and advise accordingly so then you get your machine working at its optimum performance.

If a certain aspect of your machine is reaching its limits for example your hard disk is nearly full or your graphics card doesn’t support the latest game, we can upgrade individual components for a fraction of the cost of buying a whole new machine and give advice on the most effective options.

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