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Email and Virus Protection

Emails are the most common way that a hacker will try and access your systems or acquire confidential information. Social engineering tactics are most commonly used to fool users into opening harmful attachments or links to dangerous websites.
A comprehensive email security service is the first layer of protection you can implement to defend you from the email-based threats such as phishing attacks and viruses as well as nuisance spam emails.

TPSL offers email security that uses cloud-based intelligence which filters out the very latest threats being circulated. The service we are partnered with is the same service that is used by many of the Fortune 500 companies with the same level of email protection but at a fraction of the cost.

Under the same service, extra elements can be added to further secure your business communications including email encryption which is often required to securely send contracts and personally identifiable information.

There is also email archiving available which will ensure you fulfill any email data retention obligations , often stipulated in the financial and medical industries.