VoIP — smarter telephones for smarter businesses.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.  It is another way of making phone calls, with the difference of making the cheap phone calls or even free phone calls – anywhere in the world!

It is a simple, flexible and resilient form of telephony that makes a massive impact on the quality of your calls and most importantly the cost for your business is dramatically reduced.

Technology Products VoIP provides a comprehensive range of cost efficient telephone packages to suit companies of any size and complexity.  Partnered with Teleware PLC, we will take the time to understand your business and the telephony package that is right for you now and in the future.

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Using Technology Products VoIP means you can dramatically reduce your line rental and call charges.

  • Use only 1 line for up to 22 callers
  • No hidden connection charges
  • Competitive call tariff, with cheap local and cheap national calls at a rate of only 0.8 ppm!
  • Using Technology Products VoIP also means clever ideas to make your business more effective for example

Find me, Follow me

    • Be contactable at any of your phone numbers;  home, office, mobile, anywhere!

Intelligent Number

    • Control how, when and where your calls are routed; to your desk, mobile or an alternative number. This includes the whisper service to pre announce the call so the recipient can answer appropriately or redirect to voicemail or email. You are in control!


    • Traditionally left on your phone, voicemails can be delivered straight to your inbox. Simply access them via web assistant wherever you may be.

Number Assistant

    • Route your calls to an assistant or colleague and cleverly have the call pre-announced (whispered) so they can answer accordingly. If they are unable to answer the call is quickly routed back to your voicemail.


    • No need for a fax machine, receive faxes straight to your inbox and also send faxes using the web assistant.

Why choose TPSL, and what do we offer?

At TPSL we love to keep things simple. By now, you might want one of our packages to help your business grow!

TP Easy TP Simple TP Active
5 Local numbers of your choice 5 Local numbers of your choice 5 Local numbers of your choice
Route your numbers to a mobile or landline Route your numbers to a mobile or landline Route your numbers to a mobile or landline
Only £9.99 a month Only £13.99 a month Only £19.99 a month
Upgrade for other features later on With centralised voicemail Voicemail emailed to your Inbox
Never miss a call Never miss a call Never miss a call
Voicemail emailed to your Inbox Call recording enabled

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At Technology Products VoIP we offer a high quality range of telephone to coincide with our excellent services that are suited to all types of business regardless of size.

  • Polycom 331 SIP Phone

    • Polycom 331 SIP
    • Excellent sound quality and an enterprise-grade feature set
    • Two-line entry-level phones
    • Full-duplex speakerphone performance with Clarity Polycom™ acoustic technology
    • Enterprise-grade features
    • Easy to configure and use
    • Integrated Power over Ethernet (PoE) support
    • SIP features
  • Polycom 550 SIP Phone

    • Polycom 550 SIP
    • Polycom HD Voice technology
    • Cutting-edge SIP features
    • Phone Four-line manager’s phone
    • Backlit, easy-to-read LCD with support of Asian characters

IT help is at hand…

TPSL is a local independent IT solution company that really understands how businesses work and how important your IT is. Talk to us about affordable support, software, VoIP, upgrades and get an IT health check. We find this best for our customers as we get to know them personally, meaning we can fulfil their every needs.

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